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I am a tattoo artist, animator, and storyteller. My practice revolves around expression and experimentation, to test the limits of body art as a medium and to merge different practices with tattoos to create something new.

My journey with tattooing began in March of 2020. After a couple months of research, I finally saved up some money and bought myself some basic tattoo supplies.  I was in college studying animation, the pandemic had just hit, and at the time my only goal was to learn to safely tattoo myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would find a medium that I truly love so much and would take up tattooing professionally.

Today, I am grateful to my past self for taking the decisions they did that have led me here. Tattoos are an artform that I really do consider to be very special. They are so personal, yet so communal. I work with people, I work with bodies, but most of all I work as a middleman to help actualize people’s visions of themselves, and nothing can be more gratifying than that.

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