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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

"I saw this project come together from scratch, I was really interested in the idea of an animated tattoo and wanted to be a part of it."

The Brahmin, The Jackal and The Tiger


Srishti Ramakrishnan, 21

Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Recited the story in their mothertongue, Tamil 

"Once upon a time, a tiger was stuck in a cage. No matter how hard it tried it was not able to come out. By chance, a Brahmin was passing by, and upon seeing him the tiger pleaded for help. The Brahmin refused, saying that if he were to release the tiger, the tiger would eat him. The tiger argued that if he were to release him, he would be eternally grateful and indebted to the brahmin. The Brahmin took pity on the tiger and decided to help him out. The moment the tiger was released from the cage, it pounced on the brahmin and said “What a fool you are! I have been hungry in the cage all this while, and now nothing can stop me from eating you.” In vain the Brahmin pleaded for his life; at last, the tiger agreed that if the Brahmin could ask three things to judge whether or not the tiger was treating him unfairly, and if one of them were to say that he should keep his life, then the tiger would not eat him and let him go.

The Brahmin first came across a Pipal tree and narrated his story to it. As a response, the Pipal tree said, “Look at me. I give everyone shade and shelter, but no one bothers to return my kindness. Instead, they tear down my branches.”

Next, the Brahmin found a Buffalo and narrated his sorrows to it. The Buffalo says, “Look at me. I give milk to everyone and in return they tie me to a stump and feed me rubbish food. Carry on your way, Oh Brahmin”

The Brahmin continues dejectedly when he meets a Jackal. The Jackal asks the Brahmin, “Why do you look so miserable, Oh Brahmin?”

The Brahmin explains to the Jackal what conspired between him and the tiger, but the Jackal doesn’t seem to understand what the Brahmin is saying. The Brahmin tries explaining again but to no avail. The Brahmin asks the Jackal to come with him to the Tiger, in hopes that maybe if the Tiger explained the Jackal would understand. When they reach the Tiger, the Tiger says, “Finally you are back, I’m going to eat you now!”

The Brahmin says, “Before that, could you explain to this Jackal what happened between us? He seems to find it very confusing.”

So, the Tiger begins explaining, and the Jackal says, “This is all very confusing. You were in the Brahmin, and the cage walked by?”

The tiger, irritated, says, “No! I am the Tiger, he is the Brahmin, and that is the cage. I was in the Cage -” He proceeds to go inside the cage so the Jackal will understand better. The moment the tiger goes into the cage, the Jackal quickly shuts it from outside, outwitting the tiger and saving the Brahman’s life."

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