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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

I have a deep personal connection with tigers, I grew up in very close proximity to them. I have seen my cousins holding tiger cubs!

Sita and Charger


Shrestha Dwivedi, 27

From Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Recited the story in Hindi and English

A love story of tigress Sita and tiger Charger, responsible for populating the jungles of Bandhavgarh in the era of 80s and 90s, they were a match made in heaven, a duo that would never leave each other through different paths of their jungle lives. Being stark opposite in their real lives, for instance Sita was a charmer, her body language while being photographed was of a poser and exact opposite was charger who would despise tourist jeeps to an extent where he would attack the tourist jeeps to cause fear.


Time passed and the couple started growing old. It was the year 1996, 16th year for Charger when times were challenging for him, Sita and Charger would still go hunt but this time Sita would show him way through the touch of her body to his, by now Sita was hunting and feeding Charger. Charger was giving up, had lost his teeth, and ultimately was kept in an ‘enclosure’ constructed by the forest department officials. Charger was in isolation for his safety. Sita would roar and call out for him standing outside, by note the distance had made a psychological impact in their lives. Charger couldn’t resist the distance and was getting restless and impatient day by day which ultimately led to his death. Four years later, Sita went missing from the Jungle. The spot where Charger died holds some tourist significance and is called the Charger Point. Being two complete different souls, these big cats would blend and fit in a way as if they were sent from heaven with a purpose to make Bandhavgarh a true land of the tiger during a time when there were hardly any found, it’s their contribution and it’s through them that the big cats are making merry and the land is roaring high with an international gaze of tiger enthusiasts.

The erstwhile director of Bandhavgarh National Park states and I quote, “it’s because of Sita and Charger that the jungle echoes of tiger roars, it’s their tenth generation that’s flourishing in the jungles currently and making the world drive eyes and dwell deeper into the world of Tigers.”

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