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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

"Tigers are very fierce but also very calm when left to themselves, and I really like that about them."

Perasai Peru Nashtam


Jemimah Esther Job, 22

From Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Recited the story in their mothertongue, Tamil

There was once a very old tiger who was very hungry. He lived beside a pond, and one day he happened to find a gold bangle. He said to himself, “I’m going to keep this bangle, it might be useful one day.”

A few days later, a traveller happened to be walking alongside the pond, into the forest. The tiger saw him and thought “Ah! A tasty Human!” So, he decided to use the bangle to lure the traveller.

He called out to the traveller and said “Hey, do you want this gold bangle? I don’t have any use for it.”

The traveller wanted the bangle but didn’t want to risk his life for it. He asked the tiger, “How can I trust you?”

The tiger replied, “I am really old, I won’t be able to do the things I once did. Do not worry, you can cross the pod and get this bangle.”

The traveller thought for a moment and then decided to cross the pond. As soon as he took a few steps into the pond, he started drowning. He screamed “Save me! Save me! I do not know how to swim!”

The tiger told him not to worry. He went into the water towards the traveller, then pounced on him and ate him.

Greed always results in loss.

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