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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

"During the pandemic, a major part of my healing took place (especially the heart: healing the grief I held within with regards to my family and inner child). During those meditation sessions, one of my spirit guides would frequent me in the form of a Tigress. She called herself Beliah. As I meditate, she would sit by my side offering protection and sometimes just company."

Shikari Shambhu


Ritika Nair, 22

From Kerala

Recited the story in their mothertongue, Malayalam

This is a funny story my mom used to tell me as a kid. Everyone has heard of Shikari Shambhu, he’s a very popular character, and more than his bravado he’s known for his cowardice. He’s a scaredy cat.

One time, he’s in the jungle with his hunting party and they’re looking for something to hunt. They weren’t looking for a tiger in specific, that would be lucky, but just looking for any animal to hunt. Suddenly, one of the members of his hunting party exclaims oh my god there’s a tiger right there!

Shikari Shambhu, in his fear accidentally lets out a bullet from his gun. The bullet hits a coconut instead of the tiger and the coconut falls on the tiger’s head.

Everyone thinks the tiger’s dead, but little did they know that the tiger was just unconscious. They go near the tiger and decide to take a picture. They call a photographer, and it takes about 30 minutes for him to show up. Everyone’s excited about taking the photo – especially Shikari Shambhu, so he’s standing right next to the tiger.

Right before they can click the photo, the tiger opens one of its eyes. Everyone freaks out and they all run, and Shikari Shambhu being the main character climbs up the same coconut tree.

The next day, he’s recounting the whole experience, regretting that they didn’t get to click the picture in time. The photographer says not to worry I’ve gotten a wonderful picture of you.

The picture in question is of Shikari Shambhu on top of the tree, and the tiger trying to bite his ass.

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