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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

I’ve wanted animal tattoos for a while now, but I’ve delayed getting it done for about 8 years. The first tattoo is kind of nerve wracking, I had actually decided to go ahead and get “no ragrets” tattooed. You know it would all be uphill from there.

I saw your project very soon after and decided that this seems like a better idea."

The Tiger’s Aunt


Anisha Das, 26

From Assam

Recited the story in their mothertongue, Bengali

"There was once a baby goat, whose mother would never let him go out to play. She would tell him about how the jungle is cold and full of predators, and if he was to wander out, he’d surely get injured or fall sick.

One day when the mother was not looking, the kid ran at top speed into the jungle. In the jungle, he found a cave. There were things to eat in the cave, he played around and had a great time.

What the Kid didn’t know was that this cave belonged to a fox. In the evening, the fox came back. The kid heard footsteps outside the cave and asked, very loudly, “who’s there?”. Due to the echo in the cave, The Kid’s voice changed and came out deeper. The fox couldn’t recognise what animal the voice belonged to and wondered what had gotten into his cave. The fox replied, “This is my house, who are you??”. The kid responded saying, in a brave, booming voice, “I am the Tiger’s Aunt, I came to visit my nephew. You go and quickly bring the tiger to me”.

The Fox ran to the Tiger and told him that someone claiming to be the tiger’s aunt has taken over his cave. The fox and tiger both came back to the cave, and the tiger now asked, “Who are you?”

The kid was incredibly brave, and in a bellowing voice shouted at the tiger “Why are you so late? I have been waiting here for you forever. Didn’t you know I was supposed to come? Now that you are delayed, I will spend the night in this cave itself. Both of you go away now.”.

The tiger was rather taken aback by the voice and was convinced that it is indeed his aunt in the cave. He told the fox that they better leave, this aunt of his is a very scary tigress.

After the tiger and fox went away, the kid ran back home and never told his mother about his adventures.

There’s no specific moral to this story, but I like the fact that the kid was so gutsy and was able to handle the situation because of his presence of mind."

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