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Is there a reason you chose to get a tiger tattoo?

Chal re bhoplya tunuk tunuk


Sfurti Dawle, 21

From Maharashtra

Recited the story in their mothertongue, Marathi

"A grandmother wanted to visit her daughter and newly born grandchild, so she decided to make the treacherous journey across the forest to her daughter’s house. On the way there she is accosted by the tiger who wants to eat her, but she tells him that right now she’s just skin and bones. She says that she will be getting nice and fat at her daughter’s place, and then in a month, on her way back, the tiger can eat her and have a tasty meal. The tiger agrees to let the woman go.

The grandma has a great time at her daughter’s house and does indeed get plump again. When it’s time for her to leave her daughter finds her crying and asks what’s wrong? The grandma explains her predicament and the daughter comes up with an amazing idea!

She carves out the insides of a pumpkin and makes holes for the arms and legs. Once the grandma sits inside the pumpkin, she starts off on the journey through the forest once again. The tiger stops this weird creature when they meet and asks “Grandma, where are you off too?” And the grandma is scared, but she repeats what her daughter told her to say, “I don’t know any grandma, let’s go pumpkin!” (The English translation does not sound right no matter what I do, it is a catchier phrase in Marathi) The tiger does not want to eat the pumpkin and lets her pass.


The grandma reached home safe, and sound and the tiger dies of hunger, waiting for a plump grandma."

"I was planning on getting a dragon tattoo, but while looking into designs I decided I would like to get a tiger instead. I saw your project soon after that and decided to sign up!"

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